Saturday, October 9, 2010

there's no sun this sunday

Its a very gloomy Sunday noon. I called my mom to tell her I want to go to GH for dinner and ask her what time they're coming home. She said we'll see and advised me to stay in bed and sleep. Possibly because she's tired of the constant energy. (True, Im a ball of energy. Everyone, myself included, wonder where I get this from. A tablet of Centrum can't possibly fuel me all day. And a 90-pounder cant possibly reek energy enough for two people.)

So as I was saying, its a gloomy Sunday noon and I finally found time to..... dum dum dum dum... BLOG. Imsuchafreakinteenager!

Since I havent been blogging properly for a month now, I'm thinking maybe people have decided that this blog is stagnant and deleted me from their bookmark bars. That is a very sad thought :(, but just as R and I believe (who's a lucky dude for having been mentioned twice this month already), there's this magic in solitude.

POINT: Id like to think no one's reading my beloved blogspot right now because otherwise, Id be too conscious to say anything.

Alright, alright, Im starting a new post now because this one just sounds so boring.