Saturday, October 23, 2010

growing up step 1

Im about to start my journey at grownup-ship by starting to eat veggies.

But right now, I'm in the almost endless phase where I'm MUSTERING COURAGE TO FACE THE WRATH OF GULAY. I think though, I've been in this phase for half a decade now.

I remember going to Wendy's / BK and eating a salad with big coke at hand. It was a fun(ny) experience, but I dont think I gained anything from that.

Veggies still make me quiver and cringe.

Althouuuugghhh, recently Ive learned to eat mushrooms. Now I actually crave them every once in a while. Reg points out that mushrooms are not veggies, they arent flowers or leaves, ( and THEY ARE NOT ROOTS, MACCI). Mushrooms are fungi. (WOW! FUNGI!? That is soooo iba!)

Poor mushrooms dont have a group they can belong in (aside from maybe tofu. They can be friends.) They taste meaty, and veggie-y, but they are still fungi. Not veggies.