Monday, September 27, 2010

because i do not have anything valuable to share with you guys

R gave me this notepad booklet thing called Pass-along Promises : Inspiration for Women. It's so freaking gay, but I actually read it. o_O

Im actually home early tonight! And, for some reason, I did not hate the MRT tonight.

And on my way home, I enumerated in my head my most common mannerisms.

1. I pout a lot. Like really pout. Like NGUSO pout. Its not pretty, but thats how I deal with stress.
2. I stretch my shoulders.
3. I make fish sounds.
4. When I work in the office and Im getting restless, I stretch my legs while typing.
5. I keep on checking my nails for chipped polish.
6. I bite my lips. This is actually from my childhood days of making pacute. But now that I'm naturally pacute, I do it ALL THE TIME. Because I'm pacute ALL THE TIME.
7. I do the blowfish cheeks. And lip-pursing.
8. I constantly check my phone. Its because I am a filipino.