Monday, August 2, 2010



So I slept at, say, 11pm last night and wokeup at 7.30. o_O Oh the sunlight! It's burning my eyes!

Though I think I've always wanted this. A proper body clock. But now that I'm experiencing it, it just doesn't seem to be a big deal. It's not as drastic a change I thought it would be. My brain's still afloat and I'm thisclose to being half asleep.

Honestly, there's nothing to blog about. Although not having anything to blog about is not an excuse to not maintain this blog. There's been nothing to blog about for the past years but I've always managed to cook something up, so this isn't exactly any different.

Yes, I'm still wasting my time and yours by rambling on about nothing in particular.

Another reason why blogging here can be such a challenge is because I have other blogs to maintain. The happy blog and the oh-so-sentimental oh-so-secret blog. With so many blogs and so little thoughts, what else is there to write about?

So I guess I'm going back to bed and start living an hour from now. Funny, I'm stalling living my life.


Speaking of life-stalling, it's 11am and I'm still not ready to face the day. I spent the past couple of hours stretching and purring in bed, reading magazines, and wondering how better my life will be if I buy a bottle of nailpolish (the bubblegum-matrona shade, which I've grown to love) and a book. Ohh I so need a book right now.

So, babies, I'm getting off this laptop now.