Monday, August 23, 2010

that bus

Before I hear what everyone has to say, I want to publish what I think.

Do you remember the 41 people dying last week because of the bus that tumbled down Baguio, and the universe saying its the driver's fault because he already knew that the breaks are jammed but he proceeded driving?

Why do we even expect so much from this man?

I feel sorry for the SWAT team. Everyone's mad at them for failing. Everyone's blaming them, it almost feels like it's their fault and not the hostage taker.

It's so weird how every bad action leads to a greater amount of bad action. We advertisers propose the wonders of luxury, someone becomes greedy, this policeman who is obviously dedicated to his job loses it, he hostages the tourists, HongKong-Philippines relationship is ruined, OFWs who sustains their family risks losing their job of something they have no connection of doing.

My point is, just like every point ive failed to make in past blog entries, it is never anyone's fault completely.

Yes, the police sucked, no training, it's the government's fault. Lagi nalang its the government's fault, it must be the people's. Wala man lang bang tao na gagawa ng tama? (?)


But then my sister made me realize, how dare Mendoza take the lives of all those people? What makes him think these other people doesnt have lives of their own.

And why is this so hard for everyone?