Saturday, August 14, 2010


So since I officially IN ACTUALITY TOTALY UNEXPECTEDLY love the 70s show...

(stop reading: Spoiler Alert!)

I LOVE STEVEN AND DONNA. I LOVE STEVEN. He just made me realize how hot I am for sideburns. I've always thought sideburns were something. But I concluded that it's all because of the goatee and how both are interrelated.

ANYWAY.. because love has consumed me. Here:

Respectively: The Disco which is Steven-sideburn's first dance where he told Donna he wanted to kiss her. The time he made a move on Donna by rubbing her knees. At the porch where Eric might be gay, and Donna shouldn't worry because Steven isn't.

I'm not crazy for Donna, but Steven is love. Is love, love, love I tell you!


Btw, low-resolutions care of my pathetic attempts at capturing the moment using my dependable MOBILE PHONE.