Saturday, August 7, 2010

how unshallow i am

I am reading Julie Hecht's "The Unprofessionals".

I don't know why people write reviews of the book they've read or is currently reading... but I'm doing that. It just feels too normal not to do.

The Unprofessionals is a "tragic comedy". It's very comic, to be honest. It's too cougar cynical to be actually haha funny (which my sister says is because comic = household domain funny. Ano, Jul?). It actually reminds me of "The Flip Reader", only this is more narrative. And it injects too much flashbacks that I you can't really concentrate on the storyline.

Or maybe this is just me complaining because my mind's too sabaw to read. Especially since I have not read general fiction for a long time (2/3 months?).

But more importantly, I got this from BOOKSALE at 75 pesos. YES! I forgot that I can get books for less than a hundred and there's no excuse for failing to cultivate the mind.

BOOKSALE's amazing. It's almost a small (limited, yes) library but you can actually own the books for a fraction of a fraction of the actual prize. May gadz! I even saw "The Invention of Everything Else" which I read reviews about (somewhere). And a whole lot of chic lit.

I chose The Unprofessionals over the hoards of sappily titled books in the store is that it's not too heavy and it's not pang-bobo light. It's an easy read without being too elementary.