Tuesday, August 24, 2010



It's been past 24 hours and people are over the drama, I dont know why the hostage-incident hurts. Seriously.
I mean, think about it, a lot of other people are dying everyday. People are bombed in Afghanistan. How come it's not a big deal? Because it happens all the time and hostaging tourists only happens once in a while?

Morale is low.

Maybe we're just all really shocked because of the rarity. It's a classic example of a "who would've thought" event. We're affected because we can't stand the thought that danger may be lurking anywhere, and unlike Afghanistan, we won't expect it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

that bus

Before I hear what everyone has to say, I want to publish what I think.

Do you remember the 41 people dying last week because of the bus that tumbled down Baguio, and the universe saying its the driver's fault because he already knew that the breaks are jammed but he proceeded driving?

Why do we even expect so much from this man?

I feel sorry for the SWAT team. Everyone's mad at them for failing. Everyone's blaming them, it almost feels like it's their fault and not the hostage taker.

It's so weird how every bad action leads to a greater amount of bad action. We advertisers propose the wonders of luxury, someone becomes greedy, this policeman who is obviously dedicated to his job loses it, he hostages the tourists, HongKong-Philippines relationship is ruined, OFWs who sustains their family risks losing their job of something they have no connection of doing.

My point is, just like every point ive failed to make in past blog entries, it is never anyone's fault completely.

Yes, the police sucked, no training, it's the government's fault. Lagi nalang its the government's fault, it must be the people's. Wala man lang bang tao na gagawa ng tama? (?)


But then my sister made me realize, how dare Mendoza take the lives of all those people? What makes him think these other people doesnt have lives of their own.

And why is this so hard for everyone?

Saturday, August 21, 2010


1. groceries
2. clean my closet
3. paint my nails
4. prepare bc

Friday, August 20, 2010

Now what

Hello blogosphere! (That word is so 1999!) Hyde is getting fat, and my love for him is diminishing.

Oh and I have to say, I LOVE WORK CLOTHES! They just fit me very well! Who would've known barely above the knee skirts would look good on me. If you have nothing to do on a week night and you're in Makati, treat me out please. My life lacks relevant amount of human conversation.

I watched Expendables with the boys last night (the boys being Issa, Aeya, Karl and R) and I soooo didnt get it. Elements: Climatic macho-drama lines thrown everywhere, blood, and famous people I dont know. Muscles, the sort that guys like and girls fear. The men's faces are so oily, and Stalone's eyebrow is so arched it looks tranny.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

3am. Im awake. Ugh.


I still love Hyde. Love love love. Boyfriend.

Life is love work and love Hyde.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Look! She's beautiful!!
I've always loved her.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


So since I officially IN ACTUALITY TOTALY UNEXPECTEDLY love the 70s show...

(stop reading: Spoiler Alert!)

I LOVE STEVEN AND DONNA. I LOVE STEVEN. He just made me realize how hot I am for sideburns. I've always thought sideburns were something. But I concluded that it's all because of the goatee and how both are interrelated.

ANYWAY.. because love has consumed me. Here:

Respectively: The Disco which is Steven-sideburn's first dance where he told Donna he wanted to kiss her. The time he made a move on Donna by rubbing her knees. At the porch where Eric might be gay, and Donna shouldn't worry because Steven isn't.

I'm not crazy for Donna, but Steven is love. Is love, love, love I tell you!


Btw, low-resolutions care of my pathetic attempts at capturing the moment using my dependable MOBILE PHONE.

I LIKE THe That 70s show

When I grow up, my son will call his father Sir, and myself Ma'am.. Just like the 70s show.

And yes, I've always wanted to say I love the That 70s Show... But never had the chance to. (Since, well, I've never watched an episode, ever.) It's just too me for me not too watch. An earlier era, comedy series, petty slice-of-life circumstances.

Buuut.. I finally bought the box. The Box. The Box. 8 seasons!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm stuck in bed, my body hurts! Every pressure point in the body (such as the flesh between the thumb and the index finger, my shoulders, my feet) is aching.

Insomnia is still the worst. I've been tired and stressed for 36 hours, but I've yet to experience peaceful sleep. Sigh. Ganto nalang ba lagi?

All I do is I keep on refreshing Facebook and yahoomail.

Btw, Megan Fox is a tramp, but she's the most beautiful tramp ever.

Monday, August 9, 2010

horror horror

KC Concepcion's song, the one that keeps on playing on every cab radio at noon, the one that goes "now it's not like the movies at all..." IS THE WORST SONG EVER. AND EVERYONE WHO'S GOT EARS KNOWS IT.

I don't know why no one's complained about it yet. The music is reminiscence of every 80s song that was a flop in its period. And the lyrics is horror. It's 100% sappy and 100% tacky.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why the world is more fashion obsessed now than ever

It's not because the world has become shallow.

It's because women today make more money than ever. Women are now working not just for pocket money, but to actually sustain themselves!

2. Are men still excited about women when breasts and asses are readily available everywhere?

Photos and the actual thing.

It's me comparing the present and past all over again. But really, doesn't it make you wonder?

nail talk

currently: watching war movies (hurtlocker) while (failing at) doing my nails
manly me versus lady me.

After two weeks bubblegum-matrona nails, I am no longer confident without nail polish. Sadly I'm not gifted with steady hands. Sigh naked nails.

I have no idea why I'm watching this actually. It's not contributing to my well being and bombs are everywhere.

to whom it may concern

What I totally can't understand are the people who can't let go of highschool... especially when they claim that its the best 4 years of their life.

This is when its most appropriate to say GET A LIFE!!!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

how unshallow i am

I am reading Julie Hecht's "The Unprofessionals".

I don't know why people write reviews of the book they've read or is currently reading... but I'm doing that. It just feels too normal not to do.

The Unprofessionals is a "tragic comedy". It's very comic, to be honest. It's too cougar cynical to be actually haha funny (which my sister says is because comic = household domain funny. Ano, Jul?). It actually reminds me of "The Flip Reader", only this is more narrative. And it injects too much flashbacks that I you can't really concentrate on the storyline.

Or maybe this is just me complaining because my mind's too sabaw to read. Especially since I have not read general fiction for a long time (2/3 months?).

But more importantly, I got this from BOOKSALE at 75 pesos. YES! I forgot that I can get books for less than a hundred and there's no excuse for failing to cultivate the mind.

BOOKSALE's amazing. It's almost a small (limited, yes) library but you can actually own the books for a fraction of a fraction of the actual prize. May gadz! I even saw "The Invention of Everything Else" which I read reviews about (somewhere). And a whole lot of chic lit.

I chose The Unprofessionals over the hoards of sappily titled books in the store is that it's not too heavy and it's not pang-bobo light. It's an easy read without being too elementary.


Remember short-haired Macci?

I look like a man, man.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I've been stuck at home for 48 hours.

Im so bored I may vomit.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Neil


I love Sedaka's Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. Oooooh smile you babies!

when planets collide

lesson of the month:
never renege on a pinky promise, as failing to comply with the pinky promise, especially with the DOUBLE pink promise, is punishable by extermination of friendship, unmindful of how long.

Monday, August 2, 2010



So I slept at, say, 11pm last night and wokeup at 7.30. o_O Oh the sunlight! It's burning my eyes!

Though I think I've always wanted this. A proper body clock. But now that I'm experiencing it, it just doesn't seem to be a big deal. It's not as drastic a change I thought it would be. My brain's still afloat and I'm thisclose to being half asleep.

Honestly, there's nothing to blog about. Although not having anything to blog about is not an excuse to not maintain this blog. There's been nothing to blog about for the past years but I've always managed to cook something up, so this isn't exactly any different.

Yes, I'm still wasting my time and yours by rambling on about nothing in particular.

Another reason why blogging here can be such a challenge is because I have other blogs to maintain. The happy blog and the oh-so-sentimental oh-so-secret blog. With so many blogs and so little thoughts, what else is there to write about?

So I guess I'm going back to bed and start living an hour from now. Funny, I'm stalling living my life.


Speaking of life-stalling, it's 11am and I'm still not ready to face the day. I spent the past couple of hours stretching and purring in bed, reading magazines, and wondering how better my life will be if I buy a bottle of nailpolish (the bubblegum-matrona shade, which I've grown to love) and a book. Ohh I so need a book right now.

So, babies, I'm getting off this laptop now.