Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hear ye hear ye lalala. I've a new bloggie. Don't mind the
untasteful title. I'm uncreative like that.

Don't get me wrong, having the happy blog does not make this lil ol' blog the emo-blog. It's still the public opinion blog. The only difference is with the happy blog, I am obligated to smile and have a dandy dandy life. And unlike this one, I will actually write about stuff about my day and the things I like, without the fear of boring the audience (or whatever's left of an audience out there).

brainlicking's limited though. Anything with a touch of negativity is banned. And I'm not actuaaaally required to write. I can just post photos of anything lying around in the net.


Around two hours ago I got in this unhealthy discussion about work and commute with the parents. I was so mad and confused I pulled a bitchfit and started ignoring them. But eventually I calmed down (plus mustered courage) and said goodnight then the world's all better again.

Honestly, it's the courage mustering part that's difficult.

Gawd, I forgot what my point is again.