Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm cleaning my closet and the tops on the lower half of my closet are subdivided as follows:

1. Comfy tops I use at home or at some other people's home or any other homey places still requiring me to look human
2. Comfy tops that I will strictly only use in the privacy of my house
3. Tops that belong to the next room
4. Tops I'd actually wear outside when I want to make a good impression (e.g. interview tops, party tops, etc)
5. Tops I barely ever wear but love anyway
6. Huge huge shirts I keep on wearing even if they make me look like a child or a lesbian
7. Tops I hate but have to own because they are mine whether I like it or not. I would love to give them away, but either my name's on the back or has sentimental value