Monday, June 14, 2010

remembering The Eva piece

I remember a year ago at Cavite writers workshop, I submitted my Eva Fonda piece and the panel called it charming (hooray for me! You have no idea how diffy it is to please a panel. Or even just gain one word of appreciation.) But then again all it had was potential, the rest is a mess. My language had bad bad rhythm (it had an annoying ring to it. We hate annoying! Annoying is incurable.), and my grammar needs orientation!



My Jeje confessions:

1. I use ".." ellipses. YES, two dots!
2. I say "q" for "ko"; and "aq" for "ako". Gawd.
3. I use o_O which isn't too jeje, so I guess its fine. It's just not me, but it really fits how I express myself.
4. I miss Meteor Garden o_O