Wednesday, June 9, 2010

music reviews

If I dare be blunt, unapologetic and ignorant of just one view, I guess it's Lady Gaga's "Alejandro".

She's pushing it to the edge. It's so nude it's artsy. Though, artistry is never objective.

Point is, if there's another Noah's Arc happening its because of videos like this circulating world wide. I don't think much of it though. Im just very sorry the naked straight guys dancing, they are now tainted for life. Oh well, machoism maybe overrated anyway.


But if there is one song that is downright abnormal and unworthy of publicity, it's the "Mga tambay lang kami..." song.

1. It is very offensive to the church, as it encourages same sex relationship
2. It is also offensive to the gay community.

Although I have no business judging music through a homosexual point of view, it's a bad bad annoying song and I don't know why this downtrodden country even gave it air time.


Happy birthday to my pretty sisters <3.