Saturday, June 5, 2010

Money talk. Lame version.

I am thinking about monetizing this blog. I mean I've been thinking about that since forever, because I've been blogging since I can remember anyway, might as well get paid a bit for it. I mean it wont hurt, will it? And if I do get 50php for blogging, that would be more than I ever wished since I never aimed to earn from this. And 50 pesos is pretty good (for a pauper).

I'm just a bit concerned that this might intercede with the passion for blogging (I am so lame). But whatever, I've tried to apply for AdSense a while ago and failed once, and never tried again.

I mean if I do earn, then that means people are reading my blog. And I'd get conscious and very uninteresting.
Then if I don't earn it means no one is reading me. And my heart will just break. When the blogging became such a hit with my friends, it sucked so much that they had better traffic than I did. I mean I've been in this for forever.
Theeeen, when they started claiming that I could be an earning blogger because I write amusing stuff, I just don't want to write anymore because I'm scuuurred!

I really should have cleaned my closet instead.

P.S. Hangers are the secrets to clean closets. And I do not have any. Ive been penny-pinching. I dont have hangers.
P.P.S. See, I can write about hangers and not care! This will not be possible if I monetize.
P.P.P.S. If I monetize, I can buy hangers.