Wednesday, June 9, 2010

100th post

I can't believe it.. this is just my hundredth post. Well in this blog. Ive had around 4 blogs before this having the same url macci.blogspot. I just replace the whole blog every once in a while to get the feel back. Also because I dont want people seeing how much of a moron I was back then.

Ive been blogging since (believe it or not) 2004! I used not to capitalize properly!


Cheers for yours truly and this blog. What kept me writing continuously for years? I dont think Im getting any better at this, though. I mean, gambling by publicizing my thoughts? This isnt exactly helpful. But I just keep releasing tons of useless opinions every month, despite the dangers of bad grammar, being too boring or too daring, and wasting time.

I <3 you, whoever you are who reads me. <3