Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Listening to: "Picture Perfect" by Tyler Hilton
Mood: Morning mood: grumpy and oily

Monday, June 21, 2010

kinda Sick

For future reference, this is how being KINDA sick feels like:

You don't like being cold because every pore in your body feels 35% more sensitive.
Your throat hurts. There'r these spots on both sides on the neck directly under the jaw.
You want to rest, but can't sleep (maybe its just me).
You detest wet hair.
You like water more than you like food.
Muscle aches. Joint aches. Ugh.


You know that hairy guy fro Accidentally on Purpose?


Nicolas Wright

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Importance of Hair

Our hair played essential part in our college life. We use it to note an era, and it greatly dictates our mood. Bad hair = bad mood. Bad haircut = bad mood for the whole sem.

Just as I am in transition from college life to the "real world" life (the term intimidates me big time!), my hair is also in transition from playful short to girly medium... I've yet to sport the uncomfortable long yet, though my life will be easier with long hair. No maintenance.


"After-college" life is very weird. We have plans, yes, but the direction is so hazy I think we all aren't very sure of what's happening. ALTHOUGH, I am thoroughly enjoying the new-found social freedom. No more repressing thoughts, a lot lot less peer pressure, and just really a lot of free space.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the longish hair article 1

I <3 my longish hair. You may not see it, but you will when you do.. (Even if Teta claims its not growing longer, its growing bigger.)


After a whole summer of on-off attempts at cleaning my room (part by part) I've finally done it. I finally live in a clutter free atmosphere! YIPPEEE!! And it does wonders!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm cleaning my closet and the tops on the lower half of my closet are subdivided as follows:

1. Comfy tops I use at home or at some other people's home or any other homey places still requiring me to look human
2. Comfy tops that I will strictly only use in the privacy of my house
3. Tops that belong to the next room
4. Tops I'd actually wear outside when I want to make a good impression (e.g. interview tops, party tops, etc)
5. Tops I barely ever wear but love anyway
6. Huge huge shirts I keep on wearing even if they make me look like a child or a lesbian
7. Tops I hate but have to own because they are mine whether I like it or not. I would love to give them away, but either my name's on the back or has sentimental value

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I believe I have just solved one of the reasons for my anxiety. I do not watch enough TV.

And now I'm indulging in big doses of it: Everybody loves Raymond, Scrubs, Cougar Town, Accidentally on Purpose, Sex and the City, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Korean films, HBO films, and of course Filipino films. I am a resident of Fox, Star World, Cinema one, and HBO.


Guys hate Glee because its not rock. It's too theater. Like how much they prefer John Mayer over Jason Mraz... which we girls completely don't understand.

Monday, June 14, 2010

remembering The Eva piece

I remember a year ago at Cavite writers workshop, I submitted my Eva Fonda piece and the panel called it charming (hooray for me! You have no idea how diffy it is to please a panel. Or even just gain one word of appreciation.) But then again all it had was potential, the rest is a mess. My language had bad bad rhythm (it had an annoying ring to it. We hate annoying! Annoying is incurable.), and my grammar needs orientation!



My Jeje confessions:

1. I use ".." ellipses. YES, two dots!
2. I say "q" for "ko"; and "aq" for "ako". Gawd.
3. I use o_O which isn't too jeje, so I guess its fine. It's just not me, but it really fits how I express myself.
4. I miss Meteor Garden o_O


I looove waking up early. My brain feels happier and I get to do stuff I don't normally do. E.g. Clean my room, set my hair etc etc. I really should do this more often. I'd give anything to fix my insomnia. I want to be like every other normal people out there who can sleep just by closing their eyes. My daily sleeping process consists of closing my eyes and waiting for a range of 30 mins to 2 and a half hours. I am not joking!

I just love mornings! Which makes me reconsider my preference: maybe I'm actually a morning person instead of a night person.


It's 10am! :D

Cleaning a closet is very much like going to the gym. The most difficult part is learning to go. Well frankly, much of life is like going to the gym. Why is finding initiative so hard. Honestly, I'm a woman of thought, not of action. Maybe it's excess baggage of the over-thinking curse.

As we may all notice, I have turned emo before your very eyes. o_O

Friday, June 11, 2010




"It all ends badly, because if it doesn't then it wouldn't end."


I eat pan de sal with cream cheese every night. Keeps me happy and sane. :* <3

Thursday, June 10, 2010

best comedy series evers: "Friends" and "Everybody Loves Raymond"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

important announcement


Hold on to your lovers, the breakup month is here.
The flings are ending, the serious relationships are cooling off.

The dating pool is getting populated again!

100th post

I can't believe it.. this is just my hundredth post. Well in this blog. Ive had around 4 blogs before this having the same url macci.blogspot. I just replace the whole blog every once in a while to get the feel back. Also because I dont want people seeing how much of a moron I was back then.

Ive been blogging since (believe it or not) 2004! I used not to capitalize properly!


Cheers for yours truly and this blog. What kept me writing continuously for years? I dont think Im getting any better at this, though. I mean, gambling by publicizing my thoughts? This isnt exactly helpful. But I just keep releasing tons of useless opinions every month, despite the dangers of bad grammar, being too boring or too daring, and wasting time.

I <3 you, whoever you are who reads me. <3

music reviews

If I dare be blunt, unapologetic and ignorant of just one view, I guess it's Lady Gaga's "Alejandro".

She's pushing it to the edge. It's so nude it's artsy. Though, artistry is never objective.

Point is, if there's another Noah's Arc happening its because of videos like this circulating world wide. I don't think much of it though. Im just very sorry the naked straight guys dancing, they are now tainted for life. Oh well, machoism maybe overrated anyway.


But if there is one song that is downright abnormal and unworthy of publicity, it's the "Mga tambay lang kami..." song.

1. It is very offensive to the church, as it encourages same sex relationship
2. It is also offensive to the gay community.

Although I have no business judging music through a homosexual point of view, it's a bad bad annoying song and I don't know why this downtrodden country even gave it air time.


Happy birthday to my pretty sisters <3.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Money talk. Lame version.

I am thinking about monetizing this blog. I mean I've been thinking about that since forever, because I've been blogging since I can remember anyway, might as well get paid a bit for it. I mean it wont hurt, will it? And if I do get 50php for blogging, that would be more than I ever wished since I never aimed to earn from this. And 50 pesos is pretty good (for a pauper).

I'm just a bit concerned that this might intercede with the passion for blogging (I am so lame). But whatever, I've tried to apply for AdSense a while ago and failed once, and never tried again.

I mean if I do earn, then that means people are reading my blog. And I'd get conscious and very uninteresting.
Then if I don't earn it means no one is reading me. And my heart will just break. When the blogging became such a hit with my friends, it sucked so much that they had better traffic than I did. I mean I've been in this for forever.
Theeeen, when they started claiming that I could be an earning blogger because I write amusing stuff, I just don't want to write anymore because I'm scuuurred!

I really should have cleaned my closet instead.

P.S. Hangers are the secrets to clean closets. And I do not have any. Ive been penny-pinching. I dont have hangers.
P.P.S. See, I can write about hangers and not care! This will not be possible if I monetize.
P.P.P.S. If I monetize, I can buy hangers.


LOOK! The product of good grooming and fame!
(And pretty hair concealing her big face.)
(The pretty hair dominates the photo.)

Woohboy. This blog is becoming photo frenzied.

Friday, June 4, 2010

white summer dresses

Although it's rainy season already, being in the country where its constantly hot, we are allowed to wear summer dresses all year round. (Season-apt clothes are prettier ofcourse, but leave me alone. I like things breezy.)

From refinery29, top 20 white summer dresses for summer:


Eating, growing my hair, skipping class and being poor

How's the hair-growing thing?

Well, it's good. For a while it wasn't because the weather was too hot for me to have my hair down, but now that the weather is actually much better (read: no longer hell), there's no longer much need to put my hair in a bun. I mean, yeah, it was all the rage for a while, but then all the girls started pulling their hair up that I bet it must be tiring for the men already. It's become unsexy and a sign of laziness... which is alright if its just us friend. But other people have eyes too.

HOWEVER, I am eating a lot now. Not that I am sooo happy (you know how my happiness is directly proportional to my eating habits. Long story), I just really want food a lot for the past few days. I've eaten heavy dinners, heavy lunches, and lots of diverse snacks in between.

Aaand today I spend the day at home despite having classes because the cold drizzly weather was so comfy. Yeah I felt like shit afterwards. LIKE WHY DID I WATCH FRIENDS INSTEAD OF GOING TO CLASS, but whatever. I didn't do my homework anyway.

Hello world, I'm still broke :) Donations are welcome. :)