Thursday, May 27, 2010

summer clothes

Oh my God! I have finally figured our something I want to publicly rant about.

Ehem. Uniforms.

Once upon a time in an era so so far away, I (we) used to wear uniforms and curse them. I just wish I can showcase my creativity through beautiful layers of garments. Beato would go to irrational measures to fight for freedom fashion-wise.

And now, it sucks.

I wish I were wearing uniform. My taste for good clothes is fast declining because I'm so tired of having to choose clothes which are fashionable yet commute friendly and will not encourage perspiration. The heat sucks, the 3-hour commute sucks, and I do not have enough clothes to be creative with every single effing day!

Back then, all I had to think about is what bag I'd be using. Now, I have to think of what to wear head to toe. I can't really keep on wearing huge shirts and shorts, you know. I'm a girl! I need to wear skirts and tanks and heels sometime. Besides my dad is starting to get furious because I keep on stealing clothes from him.

Also, despite the insecurities, I am forced to wear my hair in a trying-hard bun everyday, because otherwise I will die of heatstroke. And my face looks skinnier with my hair up in tight updos. :( Especially with bangs not hiding my annoying forehead.

Let's just all pray my sisters start buying pretty clothes again. I need those!