Friday, May 28, 2010

On sleeping and the newfound freedom

It's 5am and I am still awake. My sleeping pattern is so messed up that I've decided to just let it be so messed up, that way, it's bound to go back to the before-midnight-bedtime that I've always wanted.

Btw, I can hear roosters now.


Oh and today I have realized that I can be as much of a girl I want to be because 1. I AM A GIRL 2. I am not in college anymore and there are no longer hundreds of scrutinizing eyes judging your every move. FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM.



And yes I am still unemployed. No, I haven't written a short story yet. AND WE ALL KNOW THAT WE ARE ENTERING NEXT SEASON PREMISES. <3 <3

Hi beautiful world. I love you. (Though you can be a bit bitchy sometimes. Please stop scaring me.)