Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13

1. Found my wallet! Apparently whoever got the money just left it on the MRT floor.

2. No photos in a long time, so here. I like this. Purple lippies. AND AS YOU CAN SEE, I HAVE LONG(ish) HAIR and its just fine! even without the prerequisite weight gain:
(Pagbigyan. Haven't been too vain for the longest time.)
(Well fine, been vain enough, but I never realllyy really post it.)

3. I miss my friends. All of them. :( My college friends, my bl.ockada, my sobs, twg, xta and everyone, bryski, pauline yadayadayada. (Disclaimer: Just because you're not here does not mean I do not love you!)

4. I'm almost over saving up. Ugh. Believe me, I'm tired of not having proper lunch! The "go on and spend properly" campaign will start next week.

5. I miss TWG most, though. :( They're staying at Karl's tonight, and I'm not going. Lot of reason. Classes, money, other plans. Heck. :( I've been MIA for 2 months. I no longer have pretty words. And I haven't written anything. They will be extremely disappointed.

6. I've got classses and I haven't fixed the requirements. Argh! I dont have cs4!!

[EDIT: I look grinchy here!]