Monday, May 10, 2010

may 10

Hello beautiful people who read my blog.

Why do you read me, really?

We must tackle the hot topic that is the automated election. Ehem. Okay, so they made us do a marketing scheme for this at school, which we did fairly well... only we haven't quite comprehended the meaning of an advertising campaign back then, and I was in a lot of social pressure. Yes these are the futile excuse.

And we said that the Automated Voting System would be Mabilis, Madali, and Maaasahan... which, my loves, didn't really apply in real life. According to ABS that is. But actual voters around me actually said that it wasn't bad at all.

Pff. Bah. What am I saying? It makes me pretty guilty, honestly... not voting. An estimated 75% of registered voters did vote. It's not like I even registered to vote.

I can tell you who I'm voting though, but even with all these explanations in my head of who my picks are and why, I still didn't vote.

Plus, I was not able to get dozen of C2 Green at the price of 10 pesos which I vowed to get since I've turned into Green Tea advocate.