Monday, May 10, 2010

Fashion where art thou?

THE MOMENT YOU GIVE ME AN OPPORTUNITY TO DRESS UP, I WILL GO BONGGA! I've been draped in jeans, backpacks, chucks, and homey shirts and and its making me look like a skinny commuting lesbiana. I even wear ponytails for goodness sake! We all know how much pony tails hate me.

Sniff. Too short or too long dress, heels, makeup on myself and not on other people... sniff. Oversized designer bag (le mother's). Lola bangles, messy straight hair. Sniff. Cash more than a thousand bucks. AND FRIENDS! Wooooh! Gimme gimme.

A few drinks, a few semi-inappropriate remarks (i can never seem to steer clear of this), bucket of jokes regarding other people's misfortune and shortcomings, dreaming and predicting the coming decades. Yadayada.

JUST LET ME WEAR MY PRETTY CLOTHES ALREADY. They are slowly becoming outdated. So lemme!