Saturday, May 8, 2010


I haven't been out until dawn for 4 months now. :( My social life is dramatically suffering. And so is my weight. I need to have fun again, or else I will get mad at the world and turn crazy.


I bought my kryolan 12 shade supracolor palette, and yes, it has all shades we need, but faccck its so heavy. I can feel the weight of centimeter thick creamy makeup on my skin and its not good. My pores can't breathe!!

I also got the eyebrow plastic. It actually works. But getting it off nearly scraped off my skin!

Must be added on least comfy situations: face feeling so dry and waxy at the same time due to re-re-re-rewashing face with cold cream and facial wash. Heck.


I miss my lolo, who's been in the states for 3 months now. Funny though, he got a job faster than I did. Of course I miss him now, because I don't get to see him a lot. But once he lives in the Philippines, at a different apartment, it scares me not to have time for him. :(

Don't judge me for having a hard time dealing with him its not like you know what it's like.


Seriously, I need to detoxify!