Monday, May 31, 2010


Oh shameless.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Plus: How can someone so hot marry someone so freaking wasted. Cry.


I am watching Velvet's 2009 Victoria's Secrets Model. They are beautiful skinny bony bitches with boobs and long hair and they are GORGEOUS!!

They look heavenly.


"I'm so hot for her, I'm so hot for her, I'm so hot for her, She's soo cooldd!


Must watch Population 436

Friday, May 28, 2010

On sleeping and the newfound freedom

It's 5am and I am still awake. My sleeping pattern is so messed up that I've decided to just let it be so messed up, that way, it's bound to go back to the before-midnight-bedtime that I've always wanted.

Btw, I can hear roosters now.


Oh and today I have realized that I can be as much of a girl I want to be because 1. I AM A GIRL 2. I am not in college anymore and there are no longer hundreds of scrutinizing eyes judging your every move. FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM.



And yes I am still unemployed. No, I haven't written a short story yet. AND WE ALL KNOW THAT WE ARE ENTERING NEXT SEASON PREMISES. <3 <3

Hi beautiful world. I love you. (Though you can be a bit bitchy sometimes. Please stop scaring me.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

summer clothes

Oh my God! I have finally figured our something I want to publicly rant about.

Ehem. Uniforms.

Once upon a time in an era so so far away, I (we) used to wear uniforms and curse them. I just wish I can showcase my creativity through beautiful layers of garments. Beato would go to irrational measures to fight for freedom fashion-wise.

And now, it sucks.

I wish I were wearing uniform. My taste for good clothes is fast declining because I'm so tired of having to choose clothes which are fashionable yet commute friendly and will not encourage perspiration. The heat sucks, the 3-hour commute sucks, and I do not have enough clothes to be creative with every single effing day!

Back then, all I had to think about is what bag I'd be using. Now, I have to think of what to wear head to toe. I can't really keep on wearing huge shirts and shorts, you know. I'm a girl! I need to wear skirts and tanks and heels sometime. Besides my dad is starting to get furious because I keep on stealing clothes from him.

Also, despite the insecurities, I am forced to wear my hair in a trying-hard bun everyday, because otherwise I will die of heatstroke. And my face looks skinnier with my hair up in tight updos. :( Especially with bangs not hiding my annoying forehead.

Let's just all pray my sisters start buying pretty clothes again. I need those!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've been spending all my free time watching friends, causing all social dysfunction. Sorry friends, i love you.



24 hours and I'm still watching Friends. I have lost the ability to communicate.


I miss lolo.

So far, this blog's been sucking.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Once upon a time:

live and love is a philosophy i solemenly swear to live by. it is a no pressure semi-religion urging to appreciate life.
savor each moment and love everyone around you.

Properly vain

The facebook profile pic that didn't make it:

I would have loved this, it obviously looks better... but I am deeply bothered by the tummy bump and the fact that the dress really does that and it will not change even if I tuck my tummy mega mega.

The facebook profile pic that didn't make it #2:

The makeup looks nice, but how is this supposed to be pretty?

The facebook profile pic that didn't make it #3:

TOO PRETTY! Who is this!?!? Expectations will be too much! Besides she's sooo bony.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heels, hell...

I purchased my first non-makeup investment today after 4 months. Hooray. They are dark beige CMG four-inch heels which turned out not to be as comfy as I thought they will be, but pretty and on sale. For that height, they are comfy actually, and very classic! Dark beige satin!

Despite the 3 out of 5 star pain, very lovely. And versatile too.


I attended a children's party today and realized how old I am and how young I was (duh). When there was no more denying that we were bored out of our wits, someone finally said "Nako. We are too old for this."

I DONT KNOW HOW WOMEN ACTUALLY LIVE ON HEELS. Seriously, gawa na ba sa kalyo ung paa nila?!?! How do they freaking do it? Seriously. Naiinggit ako. :(

and honestly, I'm not feeling the divider lines very much.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


The good thing about not showcasing your saintliness is that you never tire people with your goodness. You always surprise them with the good deeds, but bad deeds are barely recognizeable anymore.

Well, maybe this is just me discriminating the good people of the world, but to hell with it. We know I'm right about this one.

Web is starting to get diffy. But look, I just learned to do ^that^ ! Wahahaha.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13

1. Found my wallet! Apparently whoever got the money just left it on the MRT floor.

2. No photos in a long time, so here. I like this. Purple lippies. AND AS YOU CAN SEE, I HAVE LONG(ish) HAIR and its just fine! even without the prerequisite weight gain:
(Pagbigyan. Haven't been too vain for the longest time.)
(Well fine, been vain enough, but I never realllyy really post it.)

3. I miss my friends. All of them. :( My college friends, my bl.ockada, my sobs, twg, xta and everyone, bryski, pauline yadayadayada. (Disclaimer: Just because you're not here does not mean I do not love you!)

4. I'm almost over saving up. Ugh. Believe me, I'm tired of not having proper lunch! The "go on and spend properly" campaign will start next week.

5. I miss TWG most, though. :( They're staying at Karl's tonight, and I'm not going. Lot of reason. Classes, money, other plans. Heck. :( I've been MIA for 2 months. I no longer have pretty words. And I haven't written anything. They will be extremely disappointed.

6. I've got classses and I haven't fixed the requirements. Argh! I dont have cs4!!

[EDIT: I look grinchy here!]

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fashion where art thou?

THE MOMENT YOU GIVE ME AN OPPORTUNITY TO DRESS UP, I WILL GO BONGGA! I've been draped in jeans, backpacks, chucks, and homey shirts and and its making me look like a skinny commuting lesbiana. I even wear ponytails for goodness sake! We all know how much pony tails hate me.

Sniff. Too short or too long dress, heels, makeup on myself and not on other people... sniff. Oversized designer bag (le mother's). Lola bangles, messy straight hair. Sniff. Cash more than a thousand bucks. AND FRIENDS! Wooooh! Gimme gimme.

A few drinks, a few semi-inappropriate remarks (i can never seem to steer clear of this), bucket of jokes regarding other people's misfortune and shortcomings, dreaming and predicting the coming decades. Yadayada.

JUST LET ME WEAR MY PRETTY CLOTHES ALREADY. They are slowly becoming outdated. So lemme!

may 10

Hello beautiful people who read my blog.

Why do you read me, really?

We must tackle the hot topic that is the automated election. Ehem. Okay, so they made us do a marketing scheme for this at school, which we did fairly well... only we haven't quite comprehended the meaning of an advertising campaign back then, and I was in a lot of social pressure. Yes these are the futile excuse.

And we said that the Automated Voting System would be Mabilis, Madali, and Maaasahan... which, my loves, didn't really apply in real life. According to ABS that is. But actual voters around me actually said that it wasn't bad at all.

Pff. Bah. What am I saying? It makes me pretty guilty, honestly... not voting. An estimated 75% of registered voters did vote. It's not like I even registered to vote.

I can tell you who I'm voting though, but even with all these explanations in my head of who my picks are and why, I still didn't vote.

Plus, I was not able to get dozen of C2 Green at the price of 10 pesos which I vowed to get since I've turned into Green Tea advocate.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I haven't been out until dawn for 4 months now. :( My social life is dramatically suffering. And so is my weight. I need to have fun again, or else I will get mad at the world and turn crazy.


I bought my kryolan 12 shade supracolor palette, and yes, it has all shades we need, but faccck its so heavy. I can feel the weight of centimeter thick creamy makeup on my skin and its not good. My pores can't breathe!!

I also got the eyebrow plastic. It actually works. But getting it off nearly scraped off my skin!

Must be added on least comfy situations: face feeling so dry and waxy at the same time due to re-re-re-rewashing face with cold cream and facial wash. Heck.


I miss my lolo, who's been in the states for 3 months now. Funny though, he got a job faster than I did. Of course I miss him now, because I don't get to see him a lot. But once he lives in the Philippines, at a different apartment, it scares me not to have time for him. :(

Don't judge me for having a hard time dealing with him its not like you know what it's like.


Seriously, I need to detoxify!

Friday, May 7, 2010

This is scary.

Hello Automated Election.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sayang sa pera

Things that suck.

ELF eyeliner sucks! It just tugs my skin. It's consistency is like plastic. Amp. This is what I get for scrimping.
The white one is alright though.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Get the fuck away from me!


It's 2pm and I'm restless.

Will delete tomorrow.

Oracle Bry Says

"Hindi tayo nabubuhay para magtrabaho, nagtratrabaho tayo para mabuhay"