Sunday, April 11, 2010

tipid week campaign

Isang bisyo lang ang hirap na hirap ako pigilan ngayon... Ang pagggastos!
yes, i am very very very broke more than ever because of the following reasons:

1. I got a haircut (photos soon. Vain people are annoying that way)
2. I colored my hair, which is such a failure since its as darkbrown as ever
3. I am very unemployed (freelance design works are welcome)
4. Out of town yadayadas

Therefore, the only way I can meet my friends now is if someone sponsors my public transportation fare. I will gladly bring my own baon: water and chips. Wtf!

Because of poverty, Aiwa got me to eat overpriced karekare (which actually tasted tolerable, bordering on 'nice') (Thank you lover, you're an angel). GAWWD! It's such an ironic middle class crisis.


My brain is on cosmetic frenzy. I've been eyeing Suesh brush sets, Stippling brushes, corrector kits,cream eyeshadows, and all that jazz! But i cant even afford normal lipgloss!

Although, I did get an elf duo eyeshadow cream (c/o the mother) then lost it prior useage. OH HELL! This happened with the last one too! Feels very aggravatingly annoying.

And yes I'm boring the brain slushies off your skull.


So there, a week or three of luxury abstinence. Wish me all the luck.. Pretty please. ΓΌ