Thursday, April 22, 2010


I suck at fashion already. I really need Geno now.

Seriously, Geno's already mythified. His talent, quirkiness, and absolute fab-ness, we can't erase it anymore. His name always comes up every now and then, then we all sigh afterwards.

Dear Geno,

Why don't you tell us where you are? Can't we just hang out in your house and watch weird films. We haven't even partied-partied yet. :( Really, it makes me sad. :( No one to toss us girls clothes that we never knew would fit us so good. Or to make me really really really scared of wearing anything fake or too 2001.

You were too generous to be true. I mean, well, we have tons of abnormally generous friends, but you're exceptional. You bring me oatmeal for the picnic days. You tell me what brit bands to listen too, foreign films to watch, magazines to read. You tell us all the stuff about how we are all pretty and talented and amazing, and we all believe you because you're pretty, talented and amazing yourself.

You embody coolness and you know it.

Or maybe we just really mythified you. How about proving us that you're human and show yourself. Makikita ka pa kaya namin? Isang quirky character ka lang ba na dumaan sa buhay naman para i-form kami into what we are today?

Maybe you're not here because you gave us your all and we weren't able to return the efforts. I'm speaking for myself when I say that I was to focused on my life and I failed in realizing that you were pleaing for something. I failed to return your sweetness and concern.

Writing this feels like a tribute to you, as if you're iconic and historical and would never come back. Where are you?