Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Due to the urging of people from different walks of life for me to start blogging again, here I am. You know who you are.


First of all, just came from Reg's. Pasta dinner and few drinks (really minimal. So minimal, I dont think the alcohol made its way past my throat. (Exag.)) I love you friends. Lovely weather. All we did was talk about movies, music, and of course politics... see, election talk is too rampant nowadays it's already trite.

Been glued on PBB Teen CLASH Edition these days. My sisters and friends are forwarding links: how this character is so bratty, and these characters look good together. I agree wholeheartedly. Not having your own life really makes reality shows so entertaining than it really is. But all in all they're just a bunch of discriminated teens with the same goal as with everyone of proving themselves. A blah but classic objective.


MOST OF ALL, I just remembered why I'm bestfriends with Bryski:

My bestfriend is the oracle! He is ermitanyo-like without the age, long beard, wooden staff, and rat-out clothing. Nonetheless, he is all-knowing and all-powerful.

THIS IS HIS FACEBOOK: Bryan Agron. He wanted exposure daw eh.