Sunday, March 28, 2010


Morning loves.

1. Yours truly is at the moment lying in bed and blogging through her phone. Woohooey! Sigh, oh loverly bliss.

2. Am officially a grauate (along with 400 others. See you in the real world bitches!).

3. I belive i took the earth hour to the next level. Celebrated 24 hours of non-electricity in some beach not so exaggeratedly far away. I did not get the bonfire I so annoyingly nagged for, but me believes I actually got something better: improvision! Candle semi-buried in the sand.. Pretty pretty. Of course you wouldn't know, because you weren't there!!! Hihiharharho.

4. Must be off now and drag my self to places I should be in. Here's a cookie now. Mwah.