Tuesday, March 30, 2010


1. How does one... not spend?
Blew my last 1k on a makeup train case today, which turns out is too small. :( But it sheltered 60=75% of my cosmetic collection, exclusive of skin care and skin prepping and back-ups, daily, and set makeups. But you get what I mean. (Of course, you don't).

But it's actually bargain, some people sell this for 3k. And this one is sold for 1,1 because of unnoticeable dent. Personally, I HAVE NOT FOUND THE DENT YET, and it's been hours of staring at it already.

2. What is and what is not beauty:

Not beauty:


This is personalized, piece per piece customized to love my skin. <3

I CAN'T WAIT TO GET IN MAKE-UP SCHOOL. My parents will kill me when they find out how much they have to spend though... but oh well, all's this for the future. :D <3