Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I think I need a drink.

I haven't needed a drink for months now... But right now, I think I need one.

There are reasons why vices formulated themselves. To add sorrow to already sad situations. Yes, this is my form of emo-ing.

I do my bestest not to pollute this blog with useless emo-ness, because: 1. Emo-ness is so kadirdir. 2. My dear readers are expecting happy petty blog entries about haircuts, nailpolish, and annoying people. 3. Emo-ness is very intimate, and really, I don't write down intimate thoughts in such a public blog. That will be pitiful and annoying.

But here I am, not disclosing any reason for this strange rant.

I'm just scared I'll end up alone. That's pretty much it actually. Ano ba. Ako nalang natitira, I used not to mind, but its getting to me right now. What is my problem? Why can't I just give these guys a chance? Isang mali lang, ayaw ko na agad. Katangahan ba un? Ang tanga ba? Talaga bang mag-iisa na ko??