Monday, January 11, 2010

The saddest love story in the world

My lolo has fallen in love only once in his life
When he was around 18

And tomorrow they are pulling the plug on her life

She is the only sane person
to tolerate my lolo's kakulitan
even if he says the same thing
five times over
she loves him all the same

At 63, he still fetches her at work
wait for her for two hours
or more
at the bench beside the cafeteria
to take her home safe.

He still goes home
with pasalubong for her
And his voice booms his term of endearment

And a month from now
He's staying in states for the benefits
And he won't be able to do his duty
As a loving 64 year old boyfriend
To his 64 year old girlfriend
To bring her flowers everyday
even if he wanted to