Saturday, January 9, 2010

everyone is worried about their weight

And I'm just hoping I used 'their' properly.


And I do need to gain weight. I've been drinking too much water and not eating too much carbs and still moving around just as much as ever, so I dropped around... I don't know. Jaq's scale says I'm 88... and ours says I'm 92. Whatever.

I looked at my face today and all I can think of "WHY ARE MY BONES POPPING EVERYWHERE. AND SULLEN-NESS EMPHASIZES THE EYEBAGS!" So, well, there. I need 7 pounds. I need to get to 95. I promise I'll stop at that and leave the rest of the fattening to nature and the modern environment.

Oh and yeah the picture is yours truly an hour after wakeup without having my face washed. Why I'm posting it here? Topak lang. Just very happy I dont look toooo bad.


Remember that I have beige nails? Weirdly, despite the two day constant use of turpentine, it didn't chip! Not one bit. So maybe age (two weeks!) made it lose its luster, I'm weairing it for another week then I'm looking for red orange nails again. I loved that!!!

p.s. I don't know why people would need nail dryer (my mom bought me one for xmas) when we have blowers naman.


Yes, I sound extremely shallow and superficial right now. Therefore, to compensate, I'm doing my lolo's greeting card! Happy birthday to the source of all the annoying-ness and noise genes! And please pray for my lola, loves. PLEASE! She's in critical condition... and what's an extra "please keep mac's lola safe" to the daily apologies and request to God. So there.