Monday, January 4, 2010


I woke up at 1am when I should've gotten up at 7. Reminds me of that seemingly fruitless conversation a friend (Bombee the Durd) initiataed about the wonders of snooze button).

Therefore, my sched is fucked up just the way it is, may as well as waste more time e.g. blogging.

Do you know that it's bad luck to share your dreams before breakfast. However, since I'm its waaay past breakfast here is the unsystematic account of 12-hours worth of dreams:

1. Whenever I flip my hair, it grows longer, and bigger and darn I look less hotter. It gets blacker too. I can not remember if I can flip it shorter, though. That would do me a world of good in dream land.

2. A certain someone's going to Singapore.

3. I dreamt about travelers (myself included), exploring the tropical forest and having no problems aside from a severe case of flying gorillas. WHAT THE FREAKING FUCK! Oh and btw, they were able to document it and send it to Discovery Channel.

4. You know Cherry Coke? Well they started producing Cherry Red Horse... and they even had it in 30ml cans. And I put them in ziplock bags (me and fellow travelers were resting on the beach that oh so dangerous encounter with the flying gorillas). Cherry Red Horse anyone?

5. While at the beach, my NBSB cousin claimed with mega conviction that beer is just wine with water added in it. Something like a Starbucks Americano. It's just two shots with water added in it. I had to stop myself from blabbing all the "barley in beer" trivias I know about lest being labeled a know it all.

6. Everyone was waiting for Sarah Jessica Parker to perform in a small barangay in Cebu. Unfortunately, she couldn't make it. Mariah Carrey came arpund instead. The crowd of possibly 50-80 tambays were a bit disappointed. How did I know? I was buying a 5php sabon from the nearest sari-sari store. How I ended up in Cebu? I friggin do not know.

7. A lot of other stuff I'm sure I just can't remember. And as usual, I thought it was all real. No matter how inhumanely ridiculous and impossible, yeah.... I thought it was real. Friggin gullible, I am.