Friday, January 29, 2010

Kindle will be dead to the world

I will not buy all these crap. This totally de-mythify books. Books are immortal. These gadgets will never be. Nevuuuhh!

Or maybe I will, actually. iPad, no matter how awkward it sounds, looks so gadget preeettyy. <3

Wtf. Will love my macbook muna. <3 Love love love.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It was my lola's burial at around 11am this morning. My lolo delivered the most touching, heartbreaking eulogy I have ever encountered. My dad had no words. The day was full of I love yous more than goodbyes.

I wish I could share with you the brief words my lolo said.

I am very hesitant about blogging this kasi ang OA na. Ang OA ko na. I don't want to act like I'm okay anymore, because in the end, umiiyak lang din ako. In RG/Mon's words: "Okay lang umiyak."

And besides, I want to acknowledge my love for you in all possible ways.

Lola Erly, my lola's only left sibling was with me when they were lowering my lola's coffin and we uttered the same word simultaneously amid tears. "lola/vicky, i love you".

Did you know that all the posh bags you see me toting around school has never been of my own selection. My lola had great taste.

Eulogy: (I only read the half part.)

There is no single memory that comes to mind when I think of Lola Vicky. Nor a single characteristic.

It's a jumble of descriptions and recalls.

She's the only one who can make lolo behave and sit down (albeit, he'd still be shuffling and fidgeting.) She likes jewelry and is a woman of good taste. She shops in bulk. She likes red lipstick. She taught me how to make grilled cheese. She's got a little high pitched girly voice. She likes pink, and one time in 200.... i can't remember, we spent the whole day shopping and she got me everything in pink (despite my tendency to hate baby pink). She is extremely organized and (inhumanely) sentimental, keeping tidbits from everywhere she went to and every high moment of her life. Every.

She wouldn't let Papa go to EDSA revolution when he was my age. He still went to EDSA. And when he got home, he never heard the end of it.

My other recollections of her are those of when I was too little to actually appreciate, but no one can blame anyone for being a kid.

(but oddly, I can still remember. Possibly twelve years ago, she made this mean fried chicken, which I labeled in my mind the meanest fried chicken in the world, but she had to go back to the states. Years and years after, and many other meanest fried chicken in the world has passed, she never cooked for me again, I don't really know why.)

I don't know where she got all her love for us from. Is it from the three-minute a week conversation, the thought of little girls playing when she gets us barbies and chips ahoys, or maybe just the fact that we are her grandchildren... and we all know how grandparents are, by law of nature, in love with their grandchildren.

For a week (until present, maybe), I don't believe my mind actually comprehended that my lola has passed away.
a. She's going to get a unit at mezza with my lolo and live off the yeasre and years worth of US Citizen benefits they worked hard for.
b. We've yet to conquer the world of Divisoria together.

(Why can't you just be a BIT sick. Something like myself and my back problem, or lolo and his diabetes, of my sister's incurable succumbing to pretty clothes.)

Yes, I have to be contented with 20 years of knowing her and merely several years of actually getting to know her. (So, sorry I'm complaining.) ( But where did "everything will be fine" go?)

Lola Vicky is a beautiful woman, inside and out. She is humble and sweet. And she loved all of us dearly. That we have lost her, their must be a reason, but all that matters is we loved her very much. She enjoyed her 64 years (despite wanting to have done more) with her family and friends.

Thank you for being a wonderful part of my life all these years.

Lola Vicky will always be in our hearts as we are in hers.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Original macci.blogspot can be found here


Girlsies Version 2!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


to test my Ponds Cold Cream makeup remover, I must apply makeup.....
And taduuuhhhh...


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working + wellfare.

I wish wish wish I can wakeup at 8am every and sleep before 1am. Ooohlalove... that would be the life. That would be 24 hours of personal wellbeing.

Anyway, everyone is on freaking mega thesis-mode.

I think I'll skip on the media plan and streamers today, and focus on my events kit plus collateral. Gracious, what will be of us?!

Friday, January 15, 2010



Thursday, January 14, 2010


I haven't been picture vain for a long time... and this is still a far cry from my maximum version of picture vain.
2010, even if I feel down right now, I WILL OWN YOU.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

three things i remember

1. We shop in bulk. You go back to your home country, partly to see your family, and partly to go to divisoria and buy everything in sight...IN BULK.

2. You won't let Popsy go to EDSA revolution when he was my age. He still went to EDSA. And when he got home, he never heard the end of it.

3. You loved me very very very much.

Girlsie loves, this is how chic our pics
will look like fortyfive years from now.

You probably aren't as good looking on the inside. Beauty is only skin deep, and you have an excellant complexion.

huwahahaha. post later. loved the title too much.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Fashion Design by Christia Ann Espiritu
Photography by Alfred Ong
Makeup by Macci Macaranas
Studio at Regina Sulit's property
Styling by everyone in the vicinity


1. Water may possibly cause more harm than good. I take more water than I do food, which is normal. Problem is, I lost around 5 pounds in a month... and for someone my height (no, I will not disclose my height ever), 5 pounds means less flourish. I now look officially underfed and unloved.

2. I feel like a toddler. My fake crocs are squeeky!

3. Must acknowledge extremely successful Tuweegee Overnight Workshop... where every work received the scrutinizing it deserved. Cheers.

Thank you to Keith, JP, Edmark, Nigel, Eph, Jacob.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The saddest love story in the world

My lolo has fallen in love only once in his life
When he was around 18

And tomorrow they are pulling the plug on her life

She is the only sane person
to tolerate my lolo's kakulitan
even if he says the same thing
five times over
she loves him all the same

At 63, he still fetches her at work
wait for her for two hours
or more
at the bench beside the cafeteria
to take her home safe.

He still goes home
with pasalubong for her
And his voice booms his term of endearment

And a month from now
He's staying in states for the benefits
And he won't be able to do his duty
As a loving 64 year old boyfriend
To his 64 year old girlfriend
To bring her flowers everyday
even if he wanted to

Saturday, January 9, 2010

everyone is worried about their weight

And I'm just hoping I used 'their' properly.


And I do need to gain weight. I've been drinking too much water and not eating too much carbs and still moving around just as much as ever, so I dropped around... I don't know. Jaq's scale says I'm 88... and ours says I'm 92. Whatever.

I looked at my face today and all I can think of "WHY ARE MY BONES POPPING EVERYWHERE. AND SULLEN-NESS EMPHASIZES THE EYEBAGS!" So, well, there. I need 7 pounds. I need to get to 95. I promise I'll stop at that and leave the rest of the fattening to nature and the modern environment.

Oh and yeah the picture is yours truly an hour after wakeup without having my face washed. Why I'm posting it here? Topak lang. Just very happy I dont look toooo bad.


Remember that I have beige nails? Weirdly, despite the two day constant use of turpentine, it didn't chip! Not one bit. So maybe age (two weeks!) made it lose its luster, I'm weairing it for another week then I'm looking for red orange nails again. I loved that!!!

p.s. I don't know why people would need nail dryer (my mom bought me one for xmas) when we have blowers naman.


Yes, I sound extremely shallow and superficial right now. Therefore, to compensate, I'm doing my lolo's greeting card! Happy birthday to the source of all the annoying-ness and noise genes! And please pray for my lola, loves. PLEASE! She's in critical condition... and what's an extra "please keep mac's lola safe" to the daily apologies and request to God. So there.


the importance of eyebrows: it makes and breaks!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

Yet to have lunch

I'm not going to school today because.... I am breaking out. Pff. Or maybe I should anyway. O_o.


I woke up at 1am when I should've gotten up at 7. Reminds me of that seemingly fruitless conversation a friend (Bombee the Durd) initiataed about the wonders of snooze button).

Therefore, my sched is fucked up just the way it is, may as well as waste more time e.g. blogging.

Do you know that it's bad luck to share your dreams before breakfast. However, since I'm its waaay past breakfast here is the unsystematic account of 12-hours worth of dreams:

1. Whenever I flip my hair, it grows longer, and bigger and darn I look less hotter. It gets blacker too. I can not remember if I can flip it shorter, though. That would do me a world of good in dream land.

2. A certain someone's going to Singapore.

3. I dreamt about travelers (myself included), exploring the tropical forest and having no problems aside from a severe case of flying gorillas. WHAT THE FREAKING FUCK! Oh and btw, they were able to document it and send it to Discovery Channel.

4. You know Cherry Coke? Well they started producing Cherry Red Horse... and they even had it in 30ml cans. And I put them in ziplock bags (me and fellow travelers were resting on the beach that oh so dangerous encounter with the flying gorillas). Cherry Red Horse anyone?

5. While at the beach, my NBSB cousin claimed with mega conviction that beer is just wine with water added in it. Something like a Starbucks Americano. It's just two shots with water added in it. I had to stop myself from blabbing all the "barley in beer" trivias I know about lest being labeled a know it all.

6. Everyone was waiting for Sarah Jessica Parker to perform in a small barangay in Cebu. Unfortunately, she couldn't make it. Mariah Carrey came arpund instead. The crowd of possibly 50-80 tambays were a bit disappointed. How did I know? I was buying a 5php sabon from the nearest sari-sari store. How I ended up in Cebu? I friggin do not know.

7. A lot of other stuff I'm sure I just can't remember. And as usual, I thought it was all real. No matter how inhumanely ridiculous and impossible, yeah.... I thought it was real. Friggin gullible, I am.



I only have one 2010 resolution...


Everything else is flexible at this period. Half-year or quarter-year resolutions are always so much effective anyway.